Frequently Asked Questions


What is a hospitalist?
  • Hospitalists are in-house physicians who are on-site to care for patients.

  • Hospitalists spend their entire time in the hospital, so they can focus on your care from the time of admission, enabling your testing and treatment to begin as quickly as possible.

  • Hospitalists are based at a hospital, so they can provide more timely care and adjust treatments as needed while working with your primary care physician.

  • Hospitalists provide ongoing care throughout your stay and can make immediate decisions as situations arise. The hospitalist will be able to check on you immediately if you have a medical issue, explain procedures, or meet with your family.

How often will the hospitalist see me?

The hospitalist will see you as often as needed. If an emergency occurs during your visit, he or she will see you right away.


Will the hospitalist meet with my family?

Our hospitalists are available throughout the day to explain procedures and test results, and to provide answers to questions.


Is my primary care physician still involved?

Yes. Our hospitalists work closely with your primary physician, providing updates and asking for information when they need it.  A complete summary of your hospital stay will be sent to your physician at the time of discharge.


What if I need another specialist while I’m in the hospital?

The hospitalists work closely with all of the specialists in the hospital to give you the best care as you need it.


What about my follow-up care?

Once you’re discharged, your primary care physician will provide any follow-up care that you need. If you don’t have a primary care physician, a listing of physician practices will be provided to you.